Queens Crossing, Flushing, NY I Press Release

Ahn’s work, titled “Love in Harmony”, was inspired by the artist’s kinetic underpinnings and his prevailing desire to cast light on the importance of human relationships. Designed specifically for the Queens Crossing promenade, the work conveys to the viewer a message of hope, healing and harmony and moves onlookers to engage and bond with family and friends. The artist’s use of light illuminates the tower and also awakens our collective consciousness towards the need to give and spread warmth and cheer during the holiday season, and beyond.

The tower rises to 39 feet in height and is simply composed of plastic mesh, wooden structural elements and luminous LED lights which alternate colors every few minutes to give a festive effect. Ahn’s mesh construction is spray painted with his signature bright, scroll-like forms so that the sculpture resonates with movement and vibrancy during the day into the night.