Personal Spaces: In Participation with CURATE NYC 2011 

December 10 - December 31, 2011

A place like no other, New York City has always been a celebration of the individual: Individual cultures,
neighborhoods, languages, experiences and personalities. Every area provides a Space, where in that crowd of humanity, the City itself becomes it’s own character in the story. Whether in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, Brooklyn’s DUMBO, or Main Street Flushing – the Space has a personality that is as changing and diverse as the where the people dwell. Poets, painters, sculptors, performers and filmmakers - New York artists have always been the voices of this city. Sometimes that voice is the whisper of feet in a rain-soaked alley or the symphonic shout of the skyline. More often, it is a just a statement saying, “I am right HERE, I am right NOW, I am this City!”







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