Pop, Pop

May 10 - June 1, 2012

NEW YORK, APRIL 13 - Crossing Art is pleased to announce and welcome the buoyant works by artists, dEmo and DEPOE in the exhibition, POP, POP.  Exuding elements of the movement of Pop Art, with a 21st Century twist, the exhibition features a whimsical maze of dEmo’s colorful Bear sculptures in three various sizes, with the largest measuring in at a colossal, seven-feet! DEPOE’s creation encapsulates the rainbow bright bears with his massive and equally colorful wall mural, wrapped around the entire gallery space. While dEmo discovers hidden meanings in everyday elements, transforming them into veritable icons that invite the viewer to adopt his playful attitude, DEPOE challenges the viewer’s perspective with abstract interpretations of graffiti art in a gallery setting. Pop, Pop is a visual narrative of dEmo’s desire to make one smile and DEPOE’s ability to stimulate the eye with his vibrant colors in a myriad of patterns that speaks the language of the street.  

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