Queens Crossing, Queens, NY 

Luz de MAXIKIOSCO was originally built in Argentina, entirely constructed from hand-cut and hand-welded steel frames with a thousand reclaimed plexiglass panels, and millions of steel rivets. The contemporary house structure composed of vibrant mosaic panels offers a visual and lighting effect close to a stained glass window, where it creates a sense of wonder through the abstract collision of light and color. 

Illuminated by the sun during the day, its colorful reflection softens the unfriendly urban environment and provides a new identity to the space.At night the piece comes alive with dramatic LED lighting. The many vibrant colors of the sculpture will project out every direction, casting colorful hues on the surrounding buildings and the space.  Those colors will also represent the vibrancy of Flushing as a community and Queen’s identity as one of the most ethnically diverse boroughs in New York City and around the world.